Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs: Hybrid device still tipped for spring 2017 launch


Microsoft hosted a Windows event late last month but none of the existing Surface hybrid devices made an appearance. As consumers shifted their attention to what the company actually introduced, the buzz for the 2-in-1 gadgets, including the Surface Pro 5, waned a bit. Nevertheless, anticipation did not really die down.

Unlike the Surface Phone, which until now is still a mystery, the Surface Pro is actually a tried and tested line. The first-generation model up until the fourth iteration were positively received when they were first released in the market and it will be a wasted opportunity if Microsoft just suddenly decided to drop the lineup cold turkey. So it is almost safe to say that the Surface Pro 5 will come, it is just that as of now, fans do not know exactly when.

Theories for the launch date are not entirely lacking. The online world is plagued with sites trying their best to pinpoint the exact date and if everything online is considered, people will end up waiting for a press release every month. Nevertheless, there are some guesses that prove to have some merit compared to others. For example, that of veteran tech journalist Paul Thurrott’s tip saying that Microsoft is not planning to release a refreshed Surface Pro until spring 2017.

Should this be the case, it definitely makes it possible for the device to take advantage of the much hyped Intel Kaby Lake processor that is supposedly going to be available by the end of the year. The chipset is deemed to be very crucial for the Surface Pro 5’s performance as it will address issues that its predecessor experienced. One of which is its poor battery performance rooted from the processor demanding more power to perform better. In retrospect, this discord in release windows has always been the loophole of the rumors suggesting that the Surface Pro 5 would make its grand debut this year.

For those who can no longer wait for the next-generation Surface Pro device, the Black Friday nationwide sale will be a good time to hunt for deals on the Surface Pro 4 and maybe even its earlier iterations.