Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs, features: rumors of an October launch might come to fruition


It is no secret that Microsoft hit the jackpot with their Surface Pro 4. So it is not surprising that tech buffs are constantly on the lookout for its successor, the Surface Pro 5.

The next-generation laptop/tablet hybrid has long been rumored to be coming out this year, but given that it is already way past mid-year, rumors of it being pushed to a 2017 launch is understandable. But just when all hope is gone, brand-new clues that may be hinting at a surprise 2016 release have been lurking around the corner. One of the latest developments pointing to its imminent launch is that of a photo which was taken from Microsoft’s Building 88.

The snap was taken and posted online by a Twitter user named Shubhan Chemburkar who is an app developer. The picture shows a wall where placeholders are put in exchange of the actual gadget that will soon house it. What is interesting is that the Surface Pro 5 has a 2016 tag which was quickly presumed to be the release year of the 2-in-1 gadget.

Narrowing down the release date to the last four months of the year, industry insiders are leaning towards an October event. The Surface Pro 4 was released in the same month last year and to make it a tradition, the Redmond-based company may decide to book the month again. Furthermore, it also coincides with ZDnet’s previous theory that at least one new Surface device will see the light of day during the said month; unfortunately, the media outlet did not disclose which among the highly anticipated devices in the Surface family would be launched.

A prior slash in price for the Surface Pro 4 also solidifies the claim and while discounts can be given for various reasons, one of the most popular explanations is that its next-gen iteration will be coming out soon.

A 2016 launch for Surface Pro 5 is nothing but good development for fans who are already looking to dive into the hybrid market except for one caveat. Rumor has it that Microsoft is looking to utilize Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor in their Surface line, however, the chips are not going to be available until December. If the tech giant decides to release the Surface Pro 5 in October, it might not come with the aforementioned chipset.