Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, news: company event to include hybrid device?


Even though much has been said about the prospect of a fifth-generation Surface Pro arriving this year, Microsoft has remained mum and totally silent about it. The tablet/laptop hybrid is arguably one of the most successful in the industry a notion that literally gives it all the right to be given an upgrade sooner or later. But the real question really isn’t about how powerful or advanced its specs are, but rather when will it actually arrive?

If one is to put serious consideration on Tech Radar’s prediction that the device will eventually get a release in spring of next year, then it means there is still a long wait coming for consumers who are very eager to get a hold of it. The publication mentioned that the reason why it won’t be released anytime soon is because Microsoft wants it to be equipped with the major Redstone 2 update for the Windows 10 operating system. Although the company could easily put in the current version of the OS and give it an over-the-air update later on when it is officially released, there seems to be a huge advantage that everyone isn’t aware of that prompted developers to instead wait for the update and then offer it right out of the box for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Aside from waiting for the Windows 10 upgrade, another reason is that Microsoft might actually be planning to hold a major company event with the intention of announcing a bunch of new hardware. Well, if that event is indeed happening before the end of this year, it could mean that the Surface Pro 5, along with the highly anticipated Surface Phone and Surface Book 2, might finally be announced.

For the moment, Microsoft isn’t budging, and while there’s major clamor for the brand to make an official confirmation, fans of the Surface Pro line don’t have any other choice but to wait.