Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, latest news: hybrid tablet won't be released this year


Unlike most other upcoming electronic products and devices, there’s only one reason why the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has not been officially launched yet that’s because the American tech giant has decided that having the latest processor is worth the wait. Although the next generation professional tablet computer is due for a release this year, it certainly appears like Microsoft is bent on playing the waiting game.

Several reports claim that the earliest possible launch for the device is the first quarter of 2017, during a time when Intel has probably announced and made its latest generation Kaby Lake processors available for equipment. The seventh generation chip has been a subject of quite a lot of talk as of late, with several big names in the industry like Apple and Microsoft patiently waiting for it.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may also come with either a new Pascal architecture NVIDIA graphics card or maybe one from its main competitor, the AMD-made Polaris graphics processing unit (GPU). Whichever of the two gets the go, one thing is for sure the hybrid device could very well become the most sophisticated in terms of graphics capabilities.

Accordingly, Kit Guru reports that the reason why Microsoft is sticking to its original plan of waiting it out for the Kaby Lake to be released is because the new processor could potentially address the previous battery issues associated with the Surface Pro 4. This time, the company hopes that putting the Kaby Lake in the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will extend the battery life of the upcoming device.

Aside from the improved processor, there are speculations that the hybrid tablet will be equipped with a 16 GB of random access memory (RAM), which obviously is more than enough to allow multi-tasking. Display wise, the least one could expect is a 2K screen, although it’s quite possible that Microsoft goes all in by equipping it with a 4K screen.