Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date, specs: device has longer battery life than Surface Pro 3, due out October


Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 laptop-tablet hybrid is apparently ready to hit the markets this year, and it appears poised to offer many great things for users.

There will be improvements in some aspects over its predecessor, the ground-breaking Surface Pro 3, reports say.

For instance, MNR Daily reports that the Surface Pro 4 will have an hour and a half more of battery life compared to its predecessor. The article said that the Surface Pro 4 will be able to run on battery power for 10 hours and 3 minutes, as opposed to the Surface Pro 3’s 9 hours.

This feature, the article suggested, will give the Surface Pro 4 a strong competitive edge over Apple’s upcoming iPad device.

Digi Times also revealed that the Surface Pro 4 is likely to come with a 256GB solid state drive for its native storage. The publication revealed in a report that Microsoft has allegedly made a large order to Samsung for its solid state drives, which are said to be going to the Surface Pro 4.

The supply chain had been instructed to begin shipments of the components next month, the report said.

Digi Times also said that the Surface Pro 4 will have an updated processor, the Intel Skylake processor, and will have the latest operating system, Windows 10, powering its software.

With Windows 10 powering the device, Day Herald said that the Surface Pro 4 will make the “Windows Hello” facial recognition technology available to the user.

As for the release date, the Master Herald reported Microsoft will be ready to make the Surface Pro 4 available for sale in October, barely 2 months away from now.

Day Herald also reported that Windows Expert, Paul Thurrott, predicted that Microsoft will indeed release the Surface Pro 4 in October. According to Thurrott, it was originally intended by Microsoft to reveal the Windows 10 in October, with the Surface Pro 4 to follow suit in the same month.