Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs: Latest renders suggest borrowed design from other Surface hybrids


In a couple of days, Microsoft will be hosting its fall event that will supposedly bring a slew of new updates to their product line. Despite the enormous amount of possibilities that the occasion might bring, tech buffs are pining for what could be the release of at least one of the tipped Surface gadgets, specifically the mysterious Surface Phone.

For quite some time now, reports about the supposed handheld have been circling around the rumor mill. Be it about its eventual specs, design or release date, geeks have been enamored with the prospect of what Microsoft will be doing to salvage their fairly lagging mobile division. However, despite many people trying to pinpoint details about the smartphone, it still remains an enigma up to this point.

Should the Surface Phone make its grand debut, Phone Arena rounded up the speculations that may come to fruition when the device arrives featuring the latest renders from Polish designer Bartlomiej Tarnowski. The images deviate from previous visuals of the smartphone; nevertheless, they imbibe the most prominent design rumors.

The phone’s conceptual design borrows some ideas from Microsoft’s hit hybrid lines the Surface Pro and Surface Book with the ability to attach a keyboard to the display making it like a mini computer. It appears to also have some sort of collapsible stand that can be utilized for hands-free usage. The thought of streamlining the Surface products to have its own unified look as well as capabilities could be a smart move for the tech giant as it will allow their smartphone to ride on the success of their other Surface products. On top of the keyboard capability, a smart pen reminiscent of Samsung’s own iteration is added to the mix.

Jumping to a rumor that might be backed up by tangible proof, a patent application that has been recently discovered suggests that a fingerprint scanner embedded in the display may be possible for the device. Unfortunately, the feature could be intended for any of Microsoft’s other devices so fans are advised to keep their hopes at a reasonable level.