Microsoft Surface Phones release news: Intel's Atom cancellation threatens production of smartphones


Microsoft’s Surface Phones face a big hurdle as Intel just recently cancelled the production of its Atom processor, which is deemed for smartphones.

The announcement of Intel came with the company’s plans to re-align their upcoming products in an effort to accelerate “transformation from a PC company to one that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices.” The cancellation of the Broxton platform which is the firm’s in-house mobile SoC’s effectively road blocks the ongoing development of the Surface Phones.

The Thurrott points out that much like Microsoft, Intel also had a hard time riding the popularity of mobile devices, which left them just watching in the sideline while smartphones and tablets took over the mainstream tech market by storm. While it tried to keep up with the trend, the company eventually followed Microsoft’s s decision to skip the current race and instead, move forward to potentially the next big thing. In turn, the company hopes that they will be the pioneers of next-gen devices. Unfortunately, things did not go very well causing the Santa Clara-based company to drop their mobile plans altogether.

Earlier this month, Intel also announced that they are laying off some 12,000 employees all over the globe. The decision was part of its effort to focus on “data center, IoT, memory and connectivity businesses, as well as growing client segments such as 2-in-1s, gaming and home gateways.” Interestingly, the company’s mobile plans were not mentioned hinting at their inevitable decision to forego the said department.

While there is no confirmed direct link yet, the same article also speculates that Microsoft may not push through with its Surface Phones as it will only be another ARM-based smartphone.

The Surface Phones were recently reported to hit the stores April of next year as Microsoft is trying to wait for their latest OS. Prior to this, there have been numerous delays when it comes to the mobile phones.