Microsoft Surface Phones release date: Despite Intel chip-set cancellation, device supposedly pushing through


Microsoft is arguably getting behind in terms of the fast-paced mobile phone market. With Apple and Samsung as well as other Asian companies tapping to the demand for better smart devices, the American company has been struggling to keep up. However, it seems like loyalists can soon get their hands on Microsoft phones with the Surface Phones.

Despite production being hampered by the recent development in Intel which led to the chipset making company to halt the production of their mobile processors, reports still insist that Surface Phones is still getting the green light. It turns out to be Microsoft never intended to push the aforementioned products line this year but a later date.

“We’re fully committed to that 4-inch screen, there will be a time for it to be our focus, but right now it’s part of the family but it’s not the core of where I hope to generate developer interest over the next year,” explains Window Chief Terry Myerson. “There’s no lack of recognition to realize how important that form factor is, but for Microsoft with Windows and for our platform it’s the wrong place for us to lead.”

Reports have previously pointed at an April 2017 release for the Surface Phones who allegedly come in three variants to effectively cater to their target markets. The devices are also said to be going to sport luxury hardware with a premium metal built much like the Surface Tablet. Furthermore, it might also come in with a kickstand which will let it stand independently. Despite already posing great potential as it is, Microsoft will also try to ramp up their game with a more powerful “Continuum” feature. The mode lets users utilize the handheld device as a stand-in for a CPU as a monitor, keyboard, and even a mouse can be plugged in the Surface Phone.

Regardless of when Microsoft will be ready to ship the products out of their laboratories, Myerson promises that they will be making some big innovations.

“We’re going to do some cool things with phones, but this year phones are an important part of our family but not the tip of the spear,” he teased.