Microsoft Surface Phones release date, specs rumors: built-in stand, keyboard


The supposed Surface Phones from Microsoft continue to be the center of numerous rumors further hyped by some alleged photo leak of the smartphone line.

The photo which was sourced out from a user forum on Baidu shows a sleek looking smartphone with a self-supporting stand and attached keyboard. This design is linear towards the main goal of Microsoft to capitalize on their Continuum feature. The app for the Window 10 Mobile Operating System enables users to use their smartphones as a stand-in for a normal CPU. A standard monitor, keyboard, and mouse can all be plugged in on the device and it will work as a usual desktop. The company has introduced the feature in the Lumia 950 as a tease to what it can bring to the mobile phone market. Unfortunately, with the 950 running on a Qualcomm processor, the full potential of the Continuum was not fully highlighted.

With the addition of the built-in keyboard on the supposed Surface Phone, users would no longer need the other apparatus to use the mobile device as a computer.

Despite the difficulty in which to finally confirm the authenticity of the snap, BGR pitches that the photo may be the real deal. Unfortunately, it was not enough for the media outlet to be over the moon on the Surface Phones just on the aesthetic of the device alone.

Arguably, the biggest hurdle in terms of the flight of the Microsoft mobile phone department is from within the device. Intel has already dropped their mobile chipset dubbed as “Braxton” which was what will supposedly run the Surface Phones. From there, the Redmond-based company would have to scour for new processors that will translate Continuum’s vision into reality.

In the middle of all the roadblocks, multiple delays, and setbacks, Microsoft seems to be set in re-launching their mobile device department. The Surface Phones are touted to drop sometime next year April and is said to be even coming in three variants depending on the consumer market targeted.