Microsoft Surface Phone release news: No confirmation yet, company rumored to unveil device anytime soon


Speculations have it that Microsoft may unveil its rumored Surface Phone any time soon.

According to Android Origins, the company has apparently registered a website with the domain name of which means that they may be planning to roll out the device in the future. If it is not the case, the appearance of the site seems to point the the gadget may actually be in conceptual stages.

What may make the rumors gain traction is the recent appearance of Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela in “Tech Windows” weekly podcast. Bitbag reported that he apparently caught the attention of the listeners when he talked about a possible ground breaking gadget that exploits the seam between two different devices.

“We need some sort of spiritual equivalent on the phone side that doesn’t just feel like a phone for people who love Windows. It has got to be a phone that’s sort of like ‘wow, that’s a real shocker’ or ‘that’s a real breakthrough,'” he reportedly teased. Although he did not specifically say what smartphone he may be referring to, some believe that it might be the Surface Phone.

Moreover, Windows Central shared that the sources familiar with the company’s plans told them that the development of the flagship phone is being led by Panos Panay and his team. They were the ones behind the tablet and Surface Book.

When it comes to specifications, there are rumors suggesting that it may come with accessories such as a Type Cover or stylus pen similar to Surface Pro tablets. The design is said to include a large screen display, a metal body and outstanding technical hardware.

Assumptions about the Microsoft Surface Phone have started middle of last year at the same time that the touted Surface Pro 3  was talked about. There are hearsay that Microsoft may want to bank on the success of the Surface Pro series in the tablet market and add a smartphone in the lineup.

However, since Microsoft has yet to officially comment on the matter, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.