Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs: what to expect from Windows mobile device


Microsoft has successfully maintained its dominance in quite a few segments of the technology industry for the past couple of decades, but the only thing it has yet to make a significant mark on is the smartphone business. No thanks to the lack of intuitiveness and user-friendly features of the mobile version of the Windows operating system, consumers are satisfied with the use of the better alternatives Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

But will the impending arrival of the supremely spec’d Microsoft Surface Phone change all that? One thing is for certain, though, the upcoming smartphone will still boast a certain type or version of the Windows mobile OS. So the question is will consumers be more than willing to try the device due to its premium features even though it’s still technically a Windows phone?

Per rumors online, the new Microsoft Surface Phone will be equipped with the best hardware any mobile device could get. Well, the camera is particularly of huge intrigue because it will reportedly be a Carl Zeiss, 20-megapixel lens. This rear will likewise come with a bunch of sensors, including one intended for fingerprint scanning.

Another intriguing prospect is the reported use of Intel’s next-generation Atom X3 processor, something that will definitely give the upcoming smartphone a huge advantage against competing phones, at least in terms of processing power. However, there really is no telling how the processor will work with the mobile version of Windows or if it indeed makes up a powerful device when combined.

Finally, the new Surface Phone will reportedly be offered in three variants, with the differences primarily in the screen size and internal memory. All three are likely going to have at least 3 GB of random access memory (RAM).

And with the announcement of the major Windows OS update expected early next year, the Microsoft Surface Phone might also be officially revealed.