Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs: official details could arrive in January 2017


One of Microsoft’s boldest ambitions next year is the introduction of a new lineup of Surface smartphones, which reportedly will be bannered by three different variants. And while there isn’t much to be excited about a phone made by the American tech giant, considering how the Lumia takeover turned out, it’s fair to say that the company deserves a shot at redemption.

There have been so many rumors and speculations about the premium quality and collection of specs for the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone, but none of them have been confirmed by the company. Well, it’s easy to make theories but according to Mobile & Apps, official information could come in as early as January next year. The report said that the people developing the new flagship smartphone are working to come up with an all-metal body device, retaining the trademark aesthetics of the Microsoft Surface range of hybrids.

So far, the most prominent features rumored to be incorporated in the Surface Phone include the premium 20-megapixel Carl Zeiss back camera and a bunch of tech-related conveniences such as a proximity sensor, compass, fingerprint reader, and even a barometer. There also are speculations that all three variants will be powered by a new-generation Intel Atom X3 processor and the latest version of the Windows 10 mobile operating system. For the low-end version, random access memory (RAM) is listed at 3 GB, while the premium variant could have at least 8 GB. Internal storage meanwhile is expected to start at 512 GB for all variants.

Considering all these rumored specs, it’s easy to theorize by now that Microsoft is trying to build something that has the internal stuff reminiscent of a laptop but wrapped in a mobile device. It still is uncertain if consumers are ready to ditch their Android and iOS-powered smartphones to try a Windows device after the failure of the Lumia brand. Well, consumers will find out early next year.