Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs rumors: Fingerprint detection and AMOLED display for upcoming phone


Information about the highly publicized flagship smartphone from Microsoft, the Surface Phone, just keep on coming and even though not a single one of them is official or confirmed by the American software corporation, the fact that it is exceedingly being talked about is more than enough reason for fans and observers alike to be quite intrigued.

Microsoft’s venture into the smartphone industry was previously met with negative feedback and mediocre sales. It tried to revive Nokia’s Lumia lineup of devices by powering it with the mobile version of the Windows operating system but failed miserably; part of the failure may be attributed to the fact that the Windows mobile OS wasn’t really as polished and friendly compared to that of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

But in a couple of months, Microsoft hopes to resuscitate its investment and build upon the possible success of the Surface Phone. Of course, the Redmond-based company will have to come up with a lot of things to convince users to give the Windows 10 mobile OS a chance to prove itself.

The latest rumor to come out over the weekend claims that Microsoft recently filed a patent for a “fingerprint detection with transparent cover” feature, leading to speculations that the company might be incorporating this new technology to its upcoming flagship handset.

According to IB Times, should this technology be intended for the Microsoft Surface Phone, it only means that the device is specifically designed to be a lot thinner considering that those with typical fingerprint detection features have bulky sensors in them. But without the sensors, the phone will no longer need a thicker protection and frame.

Aside from the fingerprint detection feature, the phone is also rumored to be equipped with an AMOLED display panel, which effectively makes it a direct competitor to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S devices and the Apple iPhone 7. There are two variants expected to be offered once the device is released: a smaller one with a 5.5-inch screen and a bigger 6-inch variant, both of which are most probably going to be running the latest version of the Windows 10 mobile OS and the Intel Kaby Lake processor.

There’s no official confirmation for the Microsoft Surface Phone, which means that there is also no official release date, at least for now. But considering the increasing number of rumors surfacing online every day, it is likely that the phone will be announced sooner than later.