Microsoft Surface Phone release date: Microsoft hints at arrival of high-end Windows smartphones


Microsoft recently hinted on some major technological innovations relating to their line of Windows 10 Mobile smartphones, hinting at the possibility that the long rumored Microsoft Surface Phone will be a reality sometime soon.

During Microsoft’s Build Tour 2016 in London a few weeks ago, Windows’ corporate vice president Kevin Gallo said that the company is still pushing forward with their Windows Mobile phones, and they are, in fact, gearing up for the release of devices in the premium category.

“Windows Phone is fully supported. We’re fully behind it. We’re not abandoning the phone,” Gallo said in response to an attendee. “We’ll lead with some high end and category innovation like we’ve done with Surface, and OEMs will go and built the breadth of the catalog,”

As for the specs of the long rumored device, it is expected that the upcoming Surface Phone will come in three different variants one that was said to be the entry-level mass consumer variant, another that was categorized as a mid-range variant, and the third one which is, as per the specs that is rumored for it, tipped to be a massively powerful device.

The standard variant, the lowest one of all the rumored three, is expected to come packed with 4 GB worth of random access memory (RAM) and 64 GB worth of internal storage capacity. The mid-range one, on the other hand, would be sporting more by having 6 GB worth of RAM, alongside 128 GB worth of internal storage capacity.

The third one, said to be targeted for enterprise and mostly business purposes, was tipped to have a whopping 8 GB worth of RAM something that could be a first for any kind of smartphone, as the biggest RAM capacity to date for a smartphone is at 6 GB alongside 512 GB worth of internal storage capacity, something that is also unheard of for any form of smartphone thus far.

As for the Windows Mobile, the upcoming Surface Phone is seen to be the potential “savior” of the supposedly “dead” platform. The reason for this assumption cited that the Microsoft Lumia phones the flagship phones of the tech company that run on the Windows Mobile system had seen a major decline in sales of up to 73 percent in the span of only a year.

The release of the Surface Phone, alongside the newer Windows 10 Mobile operating system if and when it would happen is expected to be the saving grace for the company.