Microsoft Surface Book i7 specs rumors: Lighter, thinner but reigns supreme in 3D performance and gaming


The Microsoft Surface Book i7 beats other 2-in-1 devices in gaming and 3D performance. The picture is sharp, and the display gets awesome brightness at the maximum. The Surface Book can achieve ultra high average frame rates of 79 frames per second (fps) at 720p resolution. It can play at frame rates of 27 fps with its superb graphics with a resolution of 1080p.

Compared to other convertible-hybrid laptops, Microsoft Surface Book i7 is extremely mobile with a lot more specs. The Surface Book is capable of detaching into a light 1.56-pound tablet.  Its 13.5-inch screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio with its 3000 x 2000 resolution. The device has an SD card reader along the two surface connect ports, a mini display port and a headset jack.

Dimension-wise, the new Surface Book was recently launched with the frame of the device very similar to the high-end ultraportable laptops. It has a size range of 22.8mm thick at the back and 13mm thick at the front and weighs at least 3.62 pounds.

Comparing to other high end laptops, Apple MacBook Pro has dimensions of 0.59 x 11.97 x 8.36 inches weighing 2.99 pounds. Meanwhile, XPS 13 Touch is measured as 0.6 x 12 x 8 inches weighing 2.9 pounds. Bezels are of normal size, not exactly the same as the Infinity Edge design of Dell in its XPS 13.

Price range starts with the cheapest variant with 8 GB random access memory (RAM) and 256 GB SSD at $1,699. The upper end of the range is valued at $3,299 which has 16 GB of LPDD3 RAM and 1 TB SSD. Microsoft Surface Book i7 has been out in the market since Oct. 25.

Many are impressed with the Microsoft Surface Book i7, noting that everything about the powerful graphics of the Surface Book proves to be useful in the overall functionality of the device.