Microsoft Surface Book 2 vs MacBook Pro 2016: comparison of specs and features


Ever wonder how well the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will perform when it is put side-by-side with Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016?

Perhaps the easiest way to compare them is to look at the specs and other features that come with each of the two devices. Both devices aren’t in the market yet, so the designs and features mentioned below are speculations and guesses.

First up is the design.

Although nothing is confirmed right now, sources say that the Surface Book 2 will have a sleek design that will make the new device look better than its predecessor. The Surface Book 2 is supposed to be lighter as well, and it will feature a new hinge design. On the other hand, this year’s MacBook Pro will allegedly have a thinner and lighter form compared to its predecessor. Not much is known about the redesigned MacBook Pro, so there is little to go on from here to start a design battle right now.

Let’s go to the specs.

Reports are saying that the Surface Book 2 may come with Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor, which will support three-dimensional and 4K outputs. The device will also have USB type-C port connectors, as well as ThunderBolt 3 ports. The Surface Book 2 may also use NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980M.

Meanwhile, MacBook Pro 2016 will supposedly run on sixth-generation Skylake processor. Moreover, sources say the device will likely support 5K displays with a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels. The new MacBook Pro will also come with a second-generation USB 3.1. The high-end versions of the device will use the new AMD Polaris graphics processing unit (GPU).

As of this moment, it is difficult to decide between the Surface Book 2 and the MacBook Pro 2016 because they haven’t come out yet, and the specs and features mentioned are just speculations. Potential buyers will have to wait for the devices to hit the market first before comparing to see which one is better.