Microsoft Surface Book 2 specs, price rumors: Humble device features a 16-hour video playback


The Surface Book from Microsoft is the laptop closest to the radar of professionals when it comes to portability and ease of access. Most laptop critics have spread rumors that the Surface Book was built specifically for office professionals. This techie stereotype has been overturned the Surface Book unravels a 16-hour video playback that is supported by a long-lasting battery life.

The device is one reliable and humble machine that can even perform better than the newest line of upcoming Apple MacBook Pros. The power and performance of the Surface Book 2 lie deep down in the crevices of the machine that is endowed with a strong engine. Apart from its great specs value, the Surface Book 2 features a keyboard case and a Surface Pen stylus. It has a top-notch hardware that include Intel Core i7 processor.

Some of the leaks releated to the device point to some flaws that need fixing. According to a report by website CNET, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 requires better input techniques as compared to competitors. The website cited Apple getting it right with its Force Touch trackpad. The size of trackpad is even double the size of the earlier MacBook releases. Will this feature outperform the other new Apple MacBook Pros?

At a price tag of $3,299, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will not completely burn a hole in one’s pocket. Leaks from retail shops reveal that many users, however, said that the device is so not worth it for such price. The detachable screen and the ease of access are key advantages, proving that Microsoft Surface Book 2 has more than enough charm to entice the average consumers or the masses buying this MacBook variant despite the elitist price tag.

Watch out this space for more leaks on the latest Microsoft devices lineup.