Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, specs news: image on Instagram might be cropped from first Surface Book


When Microsoft posted an image of a device with the caption “Your key to success” on their official Surface Instagram account, potential buyers got excited, thinking that it was the new Surface Book 2. Thanks to the image, some even started to speculate that the Surface Book 2 might come with a new hinge design that would allow the screen to sit even with the keyboard, unlike the first Surface Book with its fulcrum hinge design.

While the likelihood of a new hinge design for the Surface Book 2 remains quite high, the image shared on Instagram wasn’t what it seemed to be.

Amidst all the speculations, Windows blogger Rudy Huyn tweeted that the image was actually cropped from an old Surface Book promo and was not the Surface Book 2.

Here’s a look at the image posted on the Surface Instagram account and the one posted by Huyn. He also rotated and cropped the image into a photo of the Surface Book so people could compare it better.

While Huyn stated his case, Windows Central editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino said that the image came from an internal Microsoft ‘sizzler’ reel that was supposed to show new ideas for the Microsoft Surface 2.

Right now, potential buyers have to wait for the official word from Microsoft to know if the photo really showed the Surface Book 2 or not.

Meanwhile, sources are saying that Microsoft will probably announce the device at a media event in October. Reports also say that it may come out at the same time as Windows 10’s second major update in early 2017.

As of this moment, Microsoft has yet to officially announce the availability of the device, so fans should watch out for more news regarding the Microsoft Surface Book 2.