Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, specs: room for improvement wide enough for upcoming hybrid computer


The Microsoft Surface Book was a total surprise when it was unveiled and released by the American software giant last year. Advertised as a 2-in-1 computer, the design was obviously for it to serve as both a laptop computer and a tablet. And considering how very few of these devices exist in the industry, there is very little doubt that the rumored second-generation Surface Book will once again be well-received by both consumers and critics.

Roughly a year after the first-generation was released, there seems to be double the anticipation for the Microsoft Surface Book 2, although its maker hasn’t confirmed anything for the moment.

According to one report, one of the things that Microsoft will need to address in the upcoming device is the complex docking system, which at first impression is seen as a very sophisticated feature. However, the unlocking mechanism left so much to be desired since the user had to contend with limited functionality once the device begins to run out of power. What happens is that there’s no way to detach the Clipboard the moment the tablet depletes its battery. The report moves on to say that this has to be the main focus of the tech giant in terms of improvements.

As for the device’s release date, all signs point to this month, especially if one is to consider the fact that its predecessor was likewise released in October of last year. However, there are only a few days left in October and still there is no indication that the Surface Book 2 is coming. Because Microsoft is expected to use the new Intel Kaby Lake processor for the 2-in-1, there is very little chance of the device hitting stores in as early as this month.

Finally, it’s safer to bet that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will only be released the moment the Redstone 2 update for the Windows 10 operating system is released. Taking that into consideration, it means that the device will not be out this year, but probably early next year.