Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, specs: hybrid laptop set to be unveiled at Microsoft event today


The official launch of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is expected anytime today, so before it happens, it’s high time to discuss what could very well turn out to be the real specifications and features of the device.

To recall, the first-generation Surface Book was unveiled just last year by Microsoft, and judging by the positive feedback, the American tech giant might have decided that this computer hybrid range is worthy of being refreshed on an annual basis.

Based on earlier rumors and theories, the Surface Book 2 is poised to hit the market and sell fast due to its ingenious design. It’s not like it is the first ever convertible laptop but the way several publications and tech news outlets are describing it, it’s simply a level above the would-be competition. Since it is a convertible, it works in two ways: as a typical laptop and a tablet. The hybrid concept is based on the idea of making it as flexible as possible, which in turn could turn out to be very appealing to a diverse consumer market.

According to HNGN, the Surface Book 2 will be featuring a primarily overhauled design, highlighted by a smaller gap in between the Clipboard and the keyboard, the purpose of which is to prevent or at least minimize the tendency to collect dirt and dust. Likewise, there also is an expected upgrade in the way the hinge works so as to make sure detaching the Clipboard is done flawlessly. Well, both these prospective design updates should be considered major improvements compared to its predecessor.

Specs wise, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is widely rumored to be equipped with the Intel Kaby Lake processor, the seventh-generation chipset that has been all over the news for the past couple of months. Furthermore, there is a huge possibility that the device will also come with Redstone 2, which by the way is a major update expected for the current Windows 10 operating system.