Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, specs: hybrid device rumored for mid-2017 launch; could be one of 2017's powerful notebooks


Since rumors came out that Washington-based tech vendor Microsoft will be rolling out their next-generation Surface Book 2, the company has remained silent about it for the longest time. Nonetheless, there are reports saying that the much talked about notebook might be arriving sometime in mid-2017.

The hybrid device is said to be launching alongside the company’s other ultraportable device, the Surface Pro 5. It’s a known fact by now to most tech enthusiasts that the company had decided to push for a next year’s release for these devices due to Intel’s forthcoming processor dubbed the Kaby Lake which is slated to be out in 2017 as well.

Having said this, the notebook will be one of the fastest portable computers of 2017 as it was previously reported that Intel has claimed that their upcoming chipset will be so well built that most PC builds won’t need an additional graphics processing unit (GPU) to play games like Blizzard’s newly released title, “Overwatch.”

In addition, there are also reports stating that the next Surface Book will be a whole lot thinner, smaller and lightweight when compared to the first Surface Book. It is also expected that the Surface Book 2 will have the USB Type-C connector together with the rumored Thunderbolt 3 hub. Furthermore, the Surface Book 2 is also speculated to sport a multi-touch 4K display which is the current trend among upcoming high-end devices.

Inner specifications of the notebook will include the next-generation Kaby Lake chip and will carry Microsoft’s improved version of the Windows 10 operating system (OS). Albeit the visual and graphical capabilities of the Kaby Lake processor, it is said that the company might render NVIDIA’s services in providing the notebook’s video card.

As of late, Microsoft has yet to announce a launch date for the Surface Book 2 as well as the Surface Pro 5.