Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date: Rumored promo image apparently features original model and not upcoming version; to arrive in 2017?


Microsoft recently posted an image on the Surface brand’s Instagram account which led to speculations that the highly anticipated Surface Book 2 may arrive imminently.

The cropped photo features the keys and keyboard cover of a gadget while seemingly highlighting the hinge of the device. The caption reads, “Your key to success.” It apparently got fans excited over the possibility that the second-generation device will be released soon.

Windows Central also mentioned that the image is a screen capture of an internal company video that showcases the different ideas the company has for its upcoming products. They noted that based on their alleged sources, the prototypes of the Surface Book 2 are already in existence. It is believed to become available either in the color black or made from a dark-colored metal.

However, Windows blogger Rudy Huyn shut down the speculations saying that the picture is actually a promo image for the original Surface Book. “About the Surface team, it’s one of the most secret team at @Microsoft, except VPs, no one knows what they do, so don’t expect leaks. Never trust a Msfties when they speak about upcoming Surface, they brag a lot and lie, 99.9 percent of them receive news at the same time than us,” he added.

When it comes to the specifications, tech enthusiasts hope that the Surface Book 2 will be equipped with the latest Intel Kaby Lake processor to power up a stunning 4K resolution with 3840 x 2160 pixels. Since it may have a higher resolution, detaching the screen from the keyboard is also expected to be improved.

Current Surface Book owners’ biggest complaint about the device is the hinge’s locking mechanism that features a so-called “muscle wire.” Not only does it require electricity to work but users have to press and hold down the key until the hinge lets go of the tablet. As the unlocking system is based on software, the new version is predicted to have a functional hinge that allows the screen to be detached whether it is on or off.

However, since no official announcement has been made yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt. The Surface Book 2 is rumored to become available in 2017.