Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, specs: supposed teaser photo not what it is presumed to be


For a moment, fans of the Microsoft Surface Book went into a frenzy following an Instagram post that supposedly advertised the second iteration of the gadget. Unfortunately, after more digging, it turns out that the supposed snap was nothing new but a way to keep the hype up for the device.

Last week, the official social media account for the Surface gadget roster uploaded a cropped photo of a device similar to the Surface Book showing parts of the keyboard and screen. It came with the caption “Your key to success. #Microsoft #Surface #DoGreatThings,” which prompted fans to speculate that it might be a sneak peek of the Surface Book 2.

Since then, a couple of media outlets feasted on the photo, overanalyzing it for the sake of pinpointing what other features it might bring. Unfortunately just when the interest was reaching its peak, Windows aficionado Rudy Huyn shut the party down revealing that the so-called tease is nothing but a cropped photo from the device’s debut iteration. Taking to his Twitter, he wrote:

To prove his point, he also made a render which basically showed the Instagram photo overlapping with an existing promo image for the Surface Book.

Understandably, that resets the guessing game with regard to the 2-in-1 gadget as it discredits everything that was purely based on the photo. Furthermore, it can also mean that what could have been an imminent release is currently far from happening.

So far, Microsoft has been keeping their lips tightly shut not just about the Surface Book 2 but also for the rest of the supposed Surface lineup, which includes the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Phone.

Some speculations are suggesting that an early 2017 release has been set while others say that there will be one or two releases just before the year closes out. Nevertheless, fans have been eagerly anticipating the devices, especially the Surface Book line as its predecessor had been a huge hit with both critics and consumers.