Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date: Latest news solidify supposed October 2016 launch


Microsoft’s October press event has long been making the headlines as it has instigated guessing games from fans on what devices might be unveiled. Out of the slew of products that the company could pull out of the bag, the most awaited ones are those that are part of the Surface lineup including the Surface Book 2.

The Verge suggests that a Surface all-in-one PC with the codename “Cardinal” will be part of next month’s occasion. And while the use of a different title for the gadget makes it a bit difficult to surely pinpoint which device the report is referring to, the best bet is that it will be the Surface Book 2.

There have been numerous speculations on what the Surface Book 2 will bring to the table given its imminent arrival. Its predecessor which arrived just last year is already begging for a follow-up and it is not because it was a disappointment. In fact, the debut version of the device had users happy with its sleek design and uncompromising capabilities. Therefore, the potential that is already there adds to the hype for the future of the line.

However, that is not to say that the Surface Book is devoid of any possible improvements. There are a couple issues that Microsoft may have been looking into to make sure that the new iteration will keep their customers happy for example, its battery life. While the original Surface Book boasted of mobility without sacrificing functionality, owners had struggled with the easily-depleted battery of the hybrid.

Given this, the Redmond-based company is said to be utilizing Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor which will help conserve energy while still keeping its performance power. The only caveat is that the chipset isn’t tipped to launch until the end of the year which means the Surface Book 2 might come later as well. Needless to say, what Microsoft can do is just officially confirm the upcoming hybrid PC in their event next month without the need to actually present the real device during the launch.

Another cited issue with the Surface Book is the awkward hinge which allows dust to settle in the space left when it is folded. As previously reported, the developer is already looking into the matter with various options for a more effective system for its follow-up.