Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, specs: unveiling of Surface Book 2 likely in 2017


Apple might have gotten all the attention this month thanks to the unveiling of their flagship smartphone the iPhone 7. Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn to make a move.

While Microsoft has an event planned for October, sources say the company may not announce the Surface Book 2 during the event. Instead, the Redmond-based tech giant may launch a new Surface device codenamed “Cardinal,” which is supposed to be an all-in-one (AIO) PC.

The latest reports are now saying that Microsoft may opt to upgrade their current line of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 with a new processor, rumored to be Intel’s latest Kaby Lake, later this year. However, they will probably wait until next year to unveil the successors for the two devices.

Rumors saying that Microsoft may be planning for the announcement of the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5 also gained some speed when the company started offering 15 percent discounts for refurbished Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices. A refurbished Surface Book with 128 GB of internal storage will now cost $1274, while the 512 GB version will cost $2294.

Meanwhile, several sources believe the Surface Book 2 may come equipped with a USB 3.1 port, as well as Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor, which will support 4K resolution outputs and 3D display. The new Surface Book may come with NVIDIA’s latest graphics processing units (GPUs) as well.

If the Surface Book 2 really uses the Kaby Lake chip, then a 2017 release date makes the most sense since the processor will not come out until late 2016. Many also believe the new Surface Book is going to run on Microsoft’s updated Windows 10 Redstone 2 operating system, which comes out sometime in 2017.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce the availability of the Surface Book 2, so the release date, unveiling date, specs, and features mentioned above are just speculations as of the moment.