Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date set for June with Kaby Lake processors?


It’s almost halfway through 2016, and many technology companies are either releasing or announcing the new lineups of gadgets and devices for this year. One such company is Microsoft, which is speculated to make an announcement in June.

According to sources, Microsoft will announce the next installment in the Surface Book line this June. The announcement was allegedly done so Microsoft can catch up to Apple, which already released its 2016 Macbook lineup.

Rumors also suggest that Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Book 2 will feature specifications geared toward addressing its predecessor’s problems.

Last year’s introduction of the Surface Book series turned out well for Microsoft, at least initially. The Redmond-based tech giant released the first Surface Book to favorable reception, but the gadget’s life span turned out to have more than a fair number of problems.

The original Surface Book received critical acclaim for design, with many praising the machine’s intuitive functions and the integration of another graphics card in the keyboard area. Over time, however, and people began noticing the apparent shortcomings of the original Surface Book.

Some users noted the lack of LTE connectivity and problematic USB ports, but many others noted power usage as the device’ biggest shortcoming. For some reason, some Surface Book devices failed to enter sleep mode properly, causing massive drains on the battery. It was not until February, months from its October release date that Microsoft finally fixed the problem.

Many attributed the sleep and power issue to the Surface Book’s Skylake processors. Original Surface Book models included Intel’s 6<sup>th generation Skylake processors at i5 or i7 variants. It was these newer chipsets that allegedly caused sleep and power issues for some of Microsoft’s devices, according to Windows Central.

That is why, with the Surface Book 2, Microsoft is aiming to switch over to Intel’s newer 7<sup>th generation Kaby Lake chipsets. Unfortunately, some reports contradict the inclusion of Kaby Lake processors.

ZDNet Intel will begin production of Kaby Lake in quantities at the end of the year. If true, then the Surface Book 2’s release could end up sometime in next year.

Until June’s announcement passes, these are all conjectures at the moment.