'Microsoft Mobile' news: Company pushing for mobile development says executive; Lumia Cinegraph app now available on Windows 10 Mobile


Chris Capossela, Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft, was recently grilled by Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley via a Skype interview for their weekly show about everything and anything connected to Microsoft. The company veteran talked about the past activities of the tech company last year and what its future plans will be.

One of the most notable questions asked by Foley was about Microsoft’s seemingly slow turn out in the mobile aspect. Given that this is the age where all tech companies are clamoring to make everything handy and portable, a company as big as Microsoft should be one of the frontrunners in the said area.

Software-wise, Microsoft lacks new and innovative, as well as already established applications needed to convert non Microsoft phone users according to the hosts of the weekly show.

“The more we get a big install base for Windows 10, the better off our phone is… getting 110 million people to upgrade in the first 10 weeks… and in the New Year we’ll probably have more to share on the latest numbers… Just getting the install base to be really large is so critical to getting back to writing windows apps, and it’s really our best shot at phone apps… That is the strategy to getting our developers back in the fold,” Capossela explained.

For instance, Microsoft recently released a Lumia Cinegraph app for Windows 10 Mobile Devices. Prior to this, older Lumia smartphones lose the ability to install the said application when users choose to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 Mobile preview build.

Lumia Cinegraph is only the first application specifically from Lumia that has received the Windows 10 Mobile support. With this, hopes of Microsoft bringing back the other few that are not yet on Windows Stores. Unfortunately, if this comes to fruition, it may require a little bit more patience from users as Microsoft may need to rewrite apps that are no longer compatible with the most recent operating system.