Microsoft Lumia 650 news: Windows exec talks about the feature-packed phone which costs just under $200


Earlier this week, Microsoft finally launched their latest top shelf smartphone, the Microsoft Lumia 650, which packs built-in support for Windows 10 Mobile devices.

In a blog post written by Samuli Hanninen, General Manager of Windows Device Group, he detailed that the new device is  tailored for business customers who are consistently on the go but still want to multi-task.

“I’ve had an opportunity to talk with our business customers as well as our Windows fans and something that consistently comes up is that this ever expanding mobile world is quickly becoming chaotic. It’s in that spirit that we designed the Lumia 650 to bring first class to business class; giving our customers the best of Microsoft productivity and security, all wrapped in a beautiful slim package,” he wrote.

He then pointed out that on top of the functionality of the Lumia 650, the team behind it also made sure that it looks the part saying that it is a “beautiful phone.” It sports a 5-inch OLED display which gives off “bright and crisp” pictures. The colors pop out while the darker tones are “deep and clear.” Camera wise, its main snapper is 8MP with a 5MP secondary one providing outstanding picture and video capabilities.

The Lumia 650, which will retail just under $200, is at a good price point given the functionality and sleek exterior that it has. In a separate article by SlashGear, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the company, who are now slowly transitioning to the smart phone market, is aiming to roll out productive Windows 10 Mobile devices at different price points. This is also the same reason why there is no Continuum in the Lumia 650.

Overall, Hanninen is happy with the work that they did with their latest by adding. “I’m really proud of our team’s work on this new device and am really looking forward to bringing the Lumia 650 to market. So far, feedback has been great and our partners in Europe are excited to begin sales this week.”