Michael Schumacher latest news: Schumacher family says support of fans is holding them up 0 #keepfightingmichael garners 61,743 messages of support


The family of Formula One racer Michael Schumacher has expressed gratitude to his fans who have continued to give moral support to the family after the racer suffered a skiing accident in 2013.

The family has basically ordered a media blackout about his health condition to help them focus on getting Schumi better. Still, fans continued their outpouring of support by sending positive messages and their best memories of Michael as a champion.

Recently, the official Schumacher website has been updated bearing a statement acknowledging his fans, BitBag reported.

“YOUR STRENGTH IS HELPING US. Still we receive wishes for Michael to get well soon every day, and still we are stunned by the sheer amount of sympathies. We can only always thank you for facing this fight together with him and us. We remain confident and hope the best for Michael. Your strength is helping us to keep supporting him. #keepfightingmichael.”

Through the hashtag which has garnered 61,743 posts on Twitter since it started, fans praised the racer for his contributions to the sport and cheered the family on as they continue to care for Schumi on his road to recovery.

Meanwhile, Schumacher’s long time manager Sabine Kehm has still not given new updates on the health condition of the racing legend with the last advisory assuring that the racer “is making progress and that the public must always keep the seriousness of his injuries in mind.”

The Schumacher family has maintained that all official statements about Schumi’s health will come from Kehm in an effort to maintain the family’s privacy following attempts by the paparazzi to snap photos of him especially during the time that he was being moved from the University Hospital in Switzerland to his villa in Lake Geneva, reported VCPost.