Michael Schumacher health updates: Mika Hakkinen is hoping for a miracle for his 'old friend'


They may have been rivals before, but that does not stop Mika Hakkinen from wishing Michael Schumacher a speedy recover.

Schumacher and Hakkinen were two of the biggest names in the Formula One racing world back in the day. Hakkinen recalled the 2000 Belgian Grand Prix where he and Schumacher were in a tight race with each other, in a recent blog entry at the McLaren website.

According to Hakkinen, it had been a nailbiting experience when he attempted to, and succeeded in, passing and taking the lead from Schumacher in the 41st lap on that race. Even when he had retaken the lead and held on to it in the last three laps of that race, Hakkinen said that Schumacher did not let him rest.

“Through the next few turns Michael tried his best to harry me into a mistake, chucking his Ferrari around from left to right behind me, in an effort to unsettle me… But I held my nerve,” the two-time champion recalled in the blog.

Hakkinen also paid tribute to his former rival, who is still currently recovering from a skiing accident in December 2013 that temporarily put him into a coma.

Not much is known about Schumacher’s current condition, Crossmap reported, as his family had imposed a news blackout on the subject.

However, his manager Sabine Kehm came out in an interview a couple of months ago declaring that Schumacher is improving but, because of the severity of his injuries, recovery will be a long road.

“[I]t will take a very long time for everybody involved to fight, and we are happy to take this fight,” Sabine said in an article in New Zealand’s TVNZ.

Hakkinen expressed his hope and desire that Schumacher receives a miracle very soon.

“I hope and pray that those encouraging signs are continuing still… Miracles sometimes occur, and I for one dearly hope that a miracle occurs for Michael some time soon,” he wrote.

He then sent a message of encouragement to his “old friend” to “keep fighting.”