Michael Schumacher health latest update: Ex-Ferrari boss says racing legend reacting to treatment, awarded lifetime achievement


As Formula One legend and overall racing icon Michael Schumacher continues his trek through the long and arduous road to recovery, so too does the media blackout regarding his current status continue; with concerned fans of the racer and the sport only able to get the barest tidbits of information.

In an interview held near the end of May with CNN’s The Circuit, former Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo opened up about the proceedings with Schumacher’s ongoing recovery from his horrific accident. Reportedly, Schumacher is currently being attended to by a full-time rehabilitation staff capable of administering specialist treatment to the 47-year-old racing icon.

“I’m very pleased to know that he is reacting,” said Montezemolo of his former protg’s currently ongoing process at physical rehabilitation. “I know how strong he is. I’m sure that thanks to his determination which will be crucial he will come out from this very, very difficult situation. … And I really hope.”

The tragic story of Schumacher’s current health problems began with a ski trip to the French Alps with his son Mick back in late December 2013. The Schumacher family was descending the Combe de Saulire, below the Dent de Burgin. While in an off-piste route between the Piste Chamois and the Piste Mauduit, Schumacher slipped through an unsecured section of the route, fell and hit his head on a rock. According to physicians, Schumacher would have outright died were it not for the helmet he was wearing.

Despite being unable to actively take part in his passion for racing, Schumacher was recently awarded the Nurbugring Lifetime Achievement Award. The presentation, a video for which was shared on Schumacher’s Facebook fan page, awarded the legend in honor of his achievements. Considering his physical state, Schumacher could not be at the event and so his manager Sabine Kehm accepted the award in his honor.

With the speech in German, a translation of Kehm’s words reads: “This award is an acknowledgment of his great willpower, his motivation, his talent, his discipline and his work ethic.”

“I realize we would all like it if Michael himself could be here, but unfortunately that is not possible,” Kehm continued. “We have to accept it and learn to deal with it. We will continue to hope and do everything so that it will be different again.”