Miami Heat Trade Rumors – Dwayne Wade and Goran Dragic to become free agents, Kevin Durant to agree deal?


Both Dwayne Wade and Goran Dragic are rumored to be on the fence or joining the free agent market pending their present negotiations of contracts. Dragic has already expressed his intention to explore his options elsewhere according to CrossMap. The Wade rumor is taken further– he is slated to join teams in either New York or Los Angeles if things do not go well with him in the talks with Miami Heat, reports The Gospel Herald.

His friendly ties with Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony further fuelled these speculations. In terms of acquisition, Kevin Durant is a rumored target by Miami’s team.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald wrote extensively in his column regarding Wade and Miami Heat’s negotiations. A middle ground has been reached for salary negotiations, according to his report. Apart from Wade, they are also paying top dollar to keep Chris Bosh and Goran Dragic. Wade alone is within a salary range of $15 million. Despite this, the amount still might not be enough to secure him.

The danger now lies in the ability of Miami Heat to keep their roster under a manageable budget that they can handle for the next few years. Other sports analysts argue that the team should meet Wade’s salary expectations at the expense of everyone else, but the official position of the team remains to be seen in the upcoming season.

Consequently, Jackson also posted some implications as to Miami Heat’s ability to afford small forwards in the free agent market such as Kevin Durant after giving a ballpark number. The rumor mill among the sports fans of Miami Heat are also buzzing that Kevin Durant is a very viable pick or dream acquisition for the team in their campaign to reach the NBA finals, reports the Inquisitr. They can do this via a trade if Durant intends to leave Oklahoma City Thunder or head off to free agency market of his own volition after rendering the remainder of his contract with OKC.