‘Metal Gear Survive’ gameplay footage trailer released

Metal Gear Survive
"Metal Gear Survive" promotional photo. (Facebook/mgs)

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of “Metal Gear Survive,” Konami has unveiled a new trailer showing some single player gameplay footage from the upcoming survival action video game.

Although there wasn’t much to go on from in terms of the single-player mode’s story, the gameplay video offers a healthy dose of exciting action sequences.

The video shows how former Mother Base soldiers are teleported into an unknown world beyond the wormholes. In this world, the player must fight their way to rescue other soldiers. Players will be pitted against hordes of crystalized zombies who have glowing red crystals for a head.

Generally, the gameplay’s controls seem similar to older iterations in the Metal Gear franchise. However, “Metal Gear Survive” will be adding some new features and mechanics that will allow players to enjoy a fresh experience with the title.

The game will present players will wormhole technology that will equip them with various devices to help them in the fight against the zombies. Players will be able to set up traps, craft items, and build their weapons to give them a better chance at surviving against the hordes of enemies. Players will also be able to construct and upgrade their bases.

The player’s base is also hinted to be located somewhere near where all the action will be happening, so there is also a chance that the game may task players to defend the base against the zombies. This defense-first approach, plus the crafting and base-building mechanics will remind players of the popular first-person shooter (FPS) “Fortnite.”

“Metal Gear Survive” will be the first title in the series to be developed and released following the departure of highly acclaimed game designer Hideo Kojima in late 2015. It will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Feb. 20 in North America and Feb. 2 in Europe.