Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay: game will surprise you, Konami exec promises; more details to come out June 9


Fans have much to look forward to from Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain when it comes out on September 1 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, and the Steam version of the game two weeks later.

A report by N4G News bared that Konami’s European Communications Manager Su-Yina Farmer said that there could be some truth to rumors of Gray Fox playing the body double for the Big Boss in Phantom Pain. 

“All theories are valid. MGS will always surprise you, expect the unexpected that’s why people love to theorise…,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, AP Entertainment writer Derrik J. Lang recently tweeted about a boom box that he had come across in the game which was playing Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America.”

Lang’s tweet sparked theories that the game could have more than one licensed music track from the 80s, which is the period setting of the game.

Members of the media were recently invited to Konami’s preview event which allowed attendees to share their thoughts about the first hour of gamplay on social media before official details of the game is released on June 9, IGN reported.

Fans earlier feared that the game’s release would be delayed due to the departure of Metal Gear game creator Hideo Kojima from the company.

The game also suffered some setbacks after an Italian doctor filed a complaint against the game for having a character with his likeness performing violent acts.

It is unsure whether Kojima’s exit was related to the complaint but he assured fans that he will continue to be involved in the game development and promised that it will be one of the best games he has created to date.

The game will feature two versions the Day One Edition, and a Collector’s Edition which will include a lot of extra physical and digital content.