Mental health news: How journaling keeps the mind healthy


People go through so many things, thoughts and feelings each day and sometimes it’s best for them to just let it all out.

A Yahoo Mind article explains the benefits of writing on a journal. Just like talking to a therapist or a best friend, scribbling down thoughts, writing poems, pouring out feelings, creating a to-do list, or even just reflecting on the day’s events can keep a person mentally healthy.

According to an Intech study cited in the Yahoo Mind article, “The movements involved when handwriting leave a motor memory in the sensorimotor part of the brain, which helps the person recognize letters and establish a connection between reading and writing.”

Aside from absorbing more information while reading, writing on a journal can also be a huge help in reducing anxiety and stress. Suppressing emotions can be harmful to a person’s mental health and without any need of talking to somebody about negative thoughts and feelings, people could write their hearts out without feeling embarrassed or weak.

In stressful times, neuropsychologist Douglas Polster has a technique called “Worry It Out” to help people out. “Write it down, visualize those negative thoughts coming out of your head, through the pen and onto the paper, and let them go,” he said. Once a person is done, he can finally get over it and move on.

This goes the same with trying to organize a person’s daily work. “Ask yourself: ‘What is my morning going to look like? What is my afternoon going to look like? What would I like to accomplish throughout the day?’ It works much better than making it up as you go along throughout the day,” Polster explained.

While some people get worse in believing in the mental health stigma, it will at least be helpful for them to start reflecting and writing their thoughts and feelings in a clean blank sheet of paper before they feel the need of seeking professional help.