Meizu Flyme OS beta released: OS exclusive to Meizu Pro 5 flagship


Meizu recently released the first beta version of their new Flyme OS 5 for the Meizu Pro 5 flagship phone, version It improved a number of functions in the device and within applications. The OS also introduces new features that aim to give users more power to multitask with their Pro 5 smartphone.

As detailed through the Flyme OS download page, one of the highlights of the new features is the introduction of the split screen multitasking feature. With the split screen feature, users can now work on two running applications and view them simultaneouslyeach on a half of the screen. For example, with the split screen feature one can browse the Internet on any web browser, and at the same time read an eBook on a separate appwithout the need to switch between apps, and without losing sight of either tasks.

With the new version of the software, the device can now automatically recognize the type of applications that users put on a certain home screen folder and will automatically name the folder as such.

GIF shooting is now supported by the new camera app as well. Manual mode is also added, enabling the customization of camera properties in order to adjust the camera to the user’s preferencejust like how it is commonly done with a DLSR camera.

The update will also allow users to play with their device’s font style and change it according to how they wanted it to look like without the need for the phone to have root access.

However, he beta version of the update is only available via manual download. For the tutorial and the download link, go here.