MediaTek news: Company launches three new chips MT2523, MT8581, MT7697


MediaTek recently launched their newest system-on-a-chip products. Three new chipsets were launched, each one tailor-made for a specific kind of task to be handled and features a device/task specific features that enables them to maximize the abilities of the new chipsets. The three new addition to the MediaTek family are the MT8581, MT2523G, and the MT7697.

First off, the MT2523 series is designed specifically for fitness devices and smartwatches. The new chipset specializes in giving high-quality display but with the small chip size and an efficient use of battery lifewhich can allegedly keep devices powered more than a week on a single charage, compared to other chipsets. The MT2523 is also the world’s first system-in-package (SiP) to offer GPS, dual-mode Bluetooth Low Energy, and a MIPI-supported high-resolution mobile screen.

“The MT2523, with its combination low power and rich features, marks a significant step forward for the smart watch and wristband industries,” said JC Hsu, MediaTek’s corporate vice president and general manager of IoT business unit. “Power combined with efficiency has always been the hallmark of MediaTek technology solutions and we are leading the charge in bringing this know-how to IoT products.”

Another chipset, this time for home entertainment systems with Blu-Ray support, is the MT8581. Among all other features, it supports scaling up resolution up to a stunning 4K from DVD, and down to DVD from a 4K one. The chipset can also handle older media versions playback, such as DVD and CD.

The last of the three, the MediaTek MT7697, brings together connectivity features with efficient power consumption. This chipset is a dedicated chip meant for Internet of Things devices, and specifications and features of the chipset is unknown as of the moment.

Among the three, the MT2523 series will be available for use of device developers within the first half of this year.