'Maze Runner: The Death Cure' release date, news: Dylan O'Brien's condition remains uncertain, film tentatively set for 2018


For fans of “The Maze Runner” film series, the injury to lead star Dylan O’Brien is causing more uncertainties as to the future of the third upcoming film, “The Death Cure.” There already is an extensive coverage of how the injury happened while filming, so the more pressing concern right now is will O’Brien recover in time for the movie to finally get a release?

To recall, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” was scheduled for a Feb. 17, 2017 release, but the accident forced the production to push it back almost a year later to January 2018. But the growing fear right now is if the 24-year-old American actor could actually recover. It’s never commonplace for upcoming films that already started production to get so delayed as this one. However, it’s a unique case because O’Brien is the heart and soul of this franchise and without him, it couldn’t make any progress.

And since there hasn’t been any official update on the star’s current condition, it’s fair to assume that progress is either at a slow pace or O’Brien himself decided to keep himself out of the public eye while he recovers. The most recent information came from his own publicist, Jennifer Allen, who revealed in an official statement via Entertainment Weekly that the actor’s injuries are serious and that he needs a lot of time to recover. It’s one way of saying that no further updates will be handed out for a significant period.

Aside from the third “The Maze Runner” film, O’Brien is also under contract for the MTV series, “Teen Wolf,” where he is slated to appear as a regular in season 6. Unlike “The Maze Runner” though, O’Brien reportedly has finished majority of his scenes in the series, suggesting that its airing won’t be suspended as a direct result of the accident.