Masters of Sex season 3 spoilers: Virginia watches over Masters' surrogacy program


Sunday night’s new episode of “Masters of Sex,” will show that Dr. William Masters played by Michael Sheen will continue his program of surrogacy with Lizzy Caplan’s Virginia Johnson looking over his shoulders.

Last week events titled “Surrogates,” began with Virginia lying to Bill and telling him she was sick while she was actually in Las Vegas hotel with Daniel. She did field work in the casino instead of recuperating and when Daniel pitched his perfumes to the owner, Virginia stepped in and convinced him that the scent is better than the smell of fear brought on by the place.

Meanwhile, Bill recruited Betty’s help for his surrogacy despite Virginia’s objections. Although the program requires unpaid volunteers for it not to count as prostitution, many women signed up including Nora who reminds Bill of a young Virginia.

Moreover, Betty and Helen tried to fool Bill by dressing up Dr. Austin Langham as the latter’s husband. However, Bill found out accuses Betty of bringing her personal life in to the work. In the end, Helen lost her virginity to Langham with Betty helping her get through the process.

In the promotional video for the upcoming episode, Virginia says that she does not want to help Masters as she believes that what he does is unethical, “It’s the perfect example of my objection to the surrogacy program,” when Bill answered, “You know there are single men out there, in need of our help.” She quips with, “Yes of course, the suffering male.”

Caplan told The Hollywood Reporter previously that as the show is nearing the end of the season, it seems like there is a switch between her character and Masters’ personalities, “By the end of their relationship, they almost switch personalities. Virginia hardens so much and becomes so paranoid that she doesn’t have a proper education and people are going to find out, and Masters just gets older and softens in his old age.”

Season three’s episode nine is titled “High Anxiety” and will air Sunday, September 6 at 10 pm ET.