'Mass Effect: Andromeda' release date, news: title to use physical rendering for more realistic graphics, might include DirectX 12


Fans of BioWare’s sci-fi third person shooter video game, “Mass Effect,” were thrilled when the game developer announced last June 2015 that a sequel will be released in December 2016. Recently, news about changes being implemented in the game surfaced online, and these are said to help make the game of the best quality.

As reported by Segment Next, “Mass Effect Andromeda” will be developed on the Frostbite platform. This was used in other popular games such as “Star Wars Battlefront,” “Battlefield,” and others.

The same report cited EA’s statement that the platform already supports DirectX12. Also called DX12, the newest version of Microsoft’s Direct X promises to make games run smoother and faster when used to its full potential.

However, the report does not confirm whether the 2016 “Mass Effect” will be the first one to use the technology in their line of games. According to Christian Today, Stefan Boberg, principal technical director of Frostbite revealed that he does not know if the video game will “break new ground with the graphics cog.”

Aside from DX12, Segment Next also reported that “Andromeda” will use Physically based Rendering or PBR to make objects and other elements of the game more realistic. PBR allows developers to just use one texture instead of multiple ones to “represent different conditions in the game.”

Moreover, physically based rendering saves game developers a lot of time in terms of coming up with the right shadows and lighting for various scenes in the game. Once applied on “Mass Effect Andromeda,” gamers can expect life-like environment and objects in the game.

Last October 10, Electronic Arts Technical Director on Frostbite Johan Andersson tweeted, “Yup! All Frostbite games use PBR, starting with Star Wars Battlefront. We did a massive transition of all of our Frostbite games.” The tweet was a response to a question about whether “the upcoming game will use PBR or not.