'Mass Effect: Andromeda' release date news: Producers speak on E3 2016 trailer


The latest iteration of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has ended and while it provided a cornucopia of news, it also featured some glaring lack of new information about long awaited projects, such as the technical absence of BioWare’s next installment in its popular third-person shooter space opera video game series “Mass Effect.”

While “Mass Effect: Andromeda” was actually present during the event, it really only featured in a minimized capacity within publisher Electronic Arts’ EA Play press conference. The most that fans of the franchise got was a trailer providing no concrete new information about the game, instead delving into developer BioWare’s supposed plans about the game.

First hints about the game’s existence surfaced back in 2012, the same year the third and final entry in the Commander Shephard trilogy, “Mass Effect 3,” was released. The rumors continued to mount, until the title was officially announced during last year’s E3 with “Mass Effect: Andromeda” originally scheduled for a release this year.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, the game has since been delayed to early next year. Many hoped more information would have been provided at E3 2016, considering it was the last E3 before the game’s release, but all fans got was a trailer that did not really provide anything new.

In the aftermath of the game’s minimal presence at E3 2016, the game’s creative director Mac Walter and BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn spoke to Glixel about the trailer and what the studio’s plans are for the future of the “Mass Effect” franchise.

Flynn spoke of the choice to show a female version of the game’s protagonist, named Ryder, in the trailer as a marked difference from their focus on portraying the male version of Commander Shephard as the protagonist in the studio’s internal canon.

“For us it’s a very obvious choice. I say this a lot, but we don’t have special programs or expectations of our developers to put these kinds of ideas forward, we’re lucky enough that our developers have embraced a culture of inclusion and embraced a culture of diversity, so I’m very proud of that,” said Flynn. “It’s always nice to see the natural consequences of that. There’s no email from on high saying ‘put in a female protagonist.'”

When asked about the significance of the protagonist being majorly portrayed as being alone in the trailers, Walters touched on the fact that the game will be set in the unexplored Andromeda Galaxy which is lightyears away from the series’ previous setting in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The trailer ended with Ryder waking up, breathless, muttering out that they “made it.” According to Walters, the idea behind the scene was to express the connection between the feeling off success on reaching a major milestone for humanity with the fact that Ryder was alone in doing so.

Aside from the above, the producers did not give any additional information about the game. Players will just have to wait for any news during the coming months until “Mass Effect: Andromeda” launches in Q1 2017.