Mass Effect 4 release date, news: fans can expect brutal battle action, powerful weapons, new characters


Mass Effect 4 will have massively action packed battles, according to BioWare level designer Jos Hendriks, who tweeted about ME4’s gameplay.

Henriks’ tweet fueled the fans excitement especially so close to the E3 2015 where the studio is expected to make major revelations, Express reported.

“Well that combat certainly works. I just got my ass handed to me…. You would have also died, trust me. The enemies…. didn’t follow script. I hope the people reviewing my mission in the coming days know their stuff, because these combats are no joke,” Henriks posted.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that that ME4 will take place in the Helius Cluster and will pick up from the events of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

The source of the rumor was a user on reddit who claimed that she got the details from a survey she took.

The reddit user said that the mission of the player is to travel the Helius Cluster to face off with aliens and find a suitable home for humankind.

The very detailed post also said that “through exploring Helius Cluster, players would have the chance to locate and capture “valuable resources and blueprints of long forgotten alien technology” that can be used to produce better weapons and equipment.

An enhancement of the leg armor could allow users to perform a jetpack jump while an upgrade of a cryo-beam and laser canon could boost the campaign against enemies and threats.

The next installment of Mass Effect will also offer players a chance to have more control over the conversations with the use of action based choices wherein gamers can choose options on how to approach the dialogue to come up with “more extreme outcomes” based on their decisions and interactions with the cast of NPC characters, the user claimed.

Meanwhile, IBTimes has reported that ME4 may be introducing new protagonists to the game while Video Gamer has predicted that the game will be released in the first quarter of 2016. 

The rumors have not yet been confirmed by BioWare as yet. 

In a related development, BioWare recently celebrated its 20<sup>th anniverversary, with producer Mike Gamble posting a picture of a large light horizon in space which looked similar to the ME logo.

After thanking the fans for their support, he revealed that the image was actually taken by a NASA astronaut from space, blowing the minds of avid gamers the world over.

“By the way…that’s a real picture taken by a NASA astronaut. I think it’s pretty fantastic,” he tweeted.