Mass Effect 4 news: senior director confirms no first person multiplayer


Details regarding the upcoming fourth installment from Bioware, “Mass Effect Andromeda” are being kept under wraps but some hints have been shared when it comes to what elements are not included in the game.

Senior development director for Mass Effect Chris Wynn took to Twitter to answer some questions of the fans. When asked if they will move from third person to first person multiplayer set in the universe of the franchise as was previously reported, he answered it “would be pretty expensive and risky.”

When another use enquired about a better dancing animation in Andromeda, “That’s an odd question. Dancing animations have yet to come up for review,” Wynn said. Without giving anything away, he also replied “yes” to the question about the inclusion of a new action-packed plot.

Presumably to hype the game up, Bioware is said to have allowed a select group of players to test out the projects so developers can have their feedback.

Head of design and art Alistair McNally tweeted: “Spent today reviewing creative progress on #MassEffectAndromeda, I believe it to be the best (and certainly largest) Mass Effect ever, hype.”

Moreover, there will be a limited-edition “Mass Effect N7 Loot Crate” that may be packed with exclusive and rare collectibles for the gamers. Interested parties are recommended to register their emails in order to get updated when it becomes available.

Meanwhile, rumors have it that original writer for Mass Effect 1 and 2 Drew Karpyshyn may be working on Andromeda as he confirmed his return to Bioware. However, he stated that he will be focusing on “Star Wars: The Old Republic” possibly for an expansion of the online version.

Mass Effect Andromeda is expected to be released in Xbox One during fall of 2016. It still being confirmed if it becomes available for Playstation 4.