'Mass Effect 4: Andromeda' rumors suggest next installment will be massive


The next installment in the “Mass Effect” series titled “Andromeda” will make the previous iterations seem small as it is rumored to be massive in size.

According to Gamepur, an insider with the username shinobi602 took it to NeoGAF to reveal some details about the development. He shared that the number of development staff members have skyrocketed to quadruple the size of 50 since the release of “Dragon Age: Inquisition.”

When it comes to the release of the game, he stated that he is confident it will arrive next year, but the date seems to be not set yet internally. “Late 2015/very early 2016 was my own line of thought before I talked to certain people. They’re making it the best game it can be, it’ll be worth the wait. It’s 100 percent coming next year,” he said. As there are no official words from the developers yet, the information should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt.

Bioware previously revealed that “Andromeda” will feature a new protagonist that may have something to do with N7. Two customizable outfits for males and females were also unveiled as players get to explore the titular new universe located at Helius Cluster, described to be four times the size of “Mass Effect 3’s” galaxy map.

There will also the return of six-wheeled vehicle Mako, first seen in the first “Mass Effect” game. However, it is touted to be faster and have improvements that cater to the player’s needs in their adventure at the new location. “It’s a really agile Mako, it’s much different to the one you’ve seen before. There’s no cannon on it, maybe it can hover maybe it can jump – I don’t know,” teased producer Mike Gamble.

“Mass Effect 4: Andromeda” is more likely to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.