'Mass Effect 4: Andromeda' update: BioWare co-founder speaks up on expectations


Retired BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk revealed in a statement that fans who have been waiting for the highly anticipated release of their newest space travelling game “Mass Effect 4: Andromeda” will feel that the wait is completely worth it, and that he himself, as an ordinary game enthusiast, is very eager to get his hands on the game once it releases.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Zeschuk said that despite him being separated from the company already, he is confident that the long running development process of the much awaited game “Mass Effect 4: Andromeda” will be worth the wait. He also said that he trusts the team working behind it.

“I think people can be pretty confident it’s in really good hands,” Zeschuk said in the interview.

He also dispelled the worries of some fans that the game might depart from the original theme that the franchise has been known for. Whatever the developers’ plan for the game may be, the co-founder is confident that it will be “incredible.”

“A lot of the folks working on it are core ‘Mass Effect’ team people,” he shared. “I know there’s been concerns like, ‘They’re going to go strange directions’ or whatever. But I’m pretty confident that what they have planned is going to be pretty incredible.”

Aside from that, Zeschuk also said that now that he is no longer a part of the company, he can enjoy the new games coming from them just like how normal gamers will, without being preempted by knowledge of the game’s storyline, design, and mechanics. That, he said, is another thing that makes him all the more eager for the game to finally get released.

“The best thing about leaving BioWare is being able to play BioWare games without knowing everything that’s going to happen in them. I’m really confident in what they’re doing and how they’re doing it,” he said.

“Mass Effect 4: Andromeda” is set for a release sometime in 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.