'Marvel's Daredevil' season 2 news: Showrunner talks The Punisher, teases skull shirt


The Netflix part of the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with “Marvel’s Daredevil” with critical acclaim. The show was praised for many of its aspects, including storytelling and characterization. Now for its second season, the show will introduce one of the most portrayedthough not one of the most successful onescomic book characters in the Marvel Universe: Frank Castle aka The Punisher.

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, “Marvel’s Daredevil” executive producer and showrunner Marco Ramirez detailed how their Frank Castle would be the closest portrayal of the character to the comic books compared to the previous ones.

Ramirez cited that their success with Daredevil was due to the reason that they stuck as close to the real spirit of the source material as possible, which was what captured the heart of the fans in the first place. According to the showrunner, what made the Daredevil comics a hit to fans had been the key to what made the show enjoy the acclaim that it had.

“I think for some reason, what we did season one was the spirit of Daredevil was very much our mission,” Ramirez said. “The spirit that makes that comic workthe blue-collar, gritty, low-rent kind of back-alley nature, the realistic nature of itis what worked for us so well season one.”

With that, Ramirez hinted that while fans may not be able to immediately see Frank Castle sport the iconic skull shirt of The Punisher, it wil be the spirit of the character that will be able to capture them.

“Hopefully, coming to something that is, what we want is the essence of The Punisher to be on screen, the same way that the essence of Daredevil is on the screen, even though Daredevil wasn’t in his traditional costume for twelve episodes last season, but the spirit of who he is and who Matt Murdock is, that’s the entire show,” he added. “Even though it’s not the one you would have assumed on a t-shirt.”

“Marvel’s Daredevil” season 2 premieres on March 18 on Netflix.