'Marvel's Agent Carter' season 2 news: EP Michele Fazekas talks Peggy and Wilkes' relationship


The new season of ABC’s hit series “Marvel’s Agent Carter” has premiered, and it took Peggy to a new place as she now has come to Hollywood. Along with being in a new place, Peggy finds new enemies and new relationships as well.

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, the series’ executive producer Michele Fazekas talked about how the new season will focus more on the relationships of Peggy and her new love interest, Dr. Jason Wilkes.

Peggy has moved to L.A., time has passed following the final events of the show’s first season. Now, Peggy discovers that Sousa had somehow left her, and he is now involved with someone else. These made Peggy more open to start a new beginning.

“So when she meet Wilkes, they have this instant chemistry, and I think what she likes about him, and the way we designed the character is, we wanted him to be really different from anybody in her life,” Fazekas said. “He’s different from Cap, he’s different than Sousa, he’s brilliant and charming, but he’s also odd and quirky and I think she’s sort of intrigued by that.”

Also, the showrunner shared that their shared similar qualities are partly what made them to be drawn closer together. Moreover, Wilkes possessed one quality that is of great importance to Peggy.

“They also share a similarity in the fact that he is an African-American man in the scientific industry,” she continued. “She is a woman in the SSR. They’re both used to people looking at them and making a decision about who they are just based on what they look like, and I think they’re used to people saying you can’t do that because you are this or that. I think they can sort of connect on that level. He’s also just a genuinely good person, and that’s something Peggy keeps telling him over and over, which I think is probably a really important thing for Peggy.”

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” airs Tuesdays on ABC.