Agent Carter news 2016: Hayley Atwell talks possibility of season 3


The second season of the spinoff series “Marvel’s Agent Carter” wrapped up with the season finale episode titled “Hollywood Ending.” While ABC and Marvel Television have not announced the arrival of a third season, the series’ main actress, Hayley Atwell, is not closing her doors for more adventures as the famed female agent in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with IGN, Atwell said that while the season 2 finale wrapped up the events, it was also done in a way that there are possibilities left for more stories to tell for a future season 3, or more. Also, the actress said that she would be willing to continue her role as Peggy.

“I would hope so,” Atwell said, when asked about whether fans would be seeing more of Peggy in the future. “I think there’s so much more to explore. The finale suggests a couple of cliffhangers that would make us go, ‘Oh, what does that mean?’ The finale doesn’t suggest that that’s it and they live happily ever after; that’s the end. We know that’s not the case. They’ve done it in a very clever way which wraps up and that gives the audience a very satisfying conclusion but they’re not quite finishing it and leaving it there.”

However, the possibility of having a new season greatly depends on the audience, since the industry relies on ratings and audience feedback in order to determine if another season would still be worth it or not. According to the actress, the decision will ultimately depend on what the network will have to say.

Atwell also cited that with the extensive involvement of Peggy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that she would eventually have a long life to live, give many stories to tell.

“This is something that I think has a cult following and I have every hope that we’ll see more of her in the future,” she said.