Marvel news: 'Civil War' will shift MCU dynamics


As Marvel Cinematic Universe releases “Captain America: Civil War” this coming May, fans can be rest assured that they are in for a thrill to what would potentially be the game changer and in the overall dynamics of the Marvel world.

Followers of the comic books may already have an idea on what is about to go down in “Civil War,” but it doesn’t mean that the movie will not be worth the trip to the cinemas. The Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe, directors of the movie, admitted to tweaking the storyline to make it more emotional.

Unlike the comic book version, the characters in the film will not just pick sides. They were actually forced to decide which faction they will join in. Based on the record breaking trailer which has easily become the most watched debut trailer of all time, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) may play a big role. There is also the mysterious involvement of Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman).

Furthermore, Marvel’s third phase is potentially the transition period from the already established characters to the newer ones. For one, the original “Civil War” story sees Captain America dying and Bucky wearing the suit in his place. As of now, it is still unknown if Marvel will follow this plotline although Evans and Downey have previously stated that they will both shoot films together again.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emily VanCamp shared some tidbits about the upcoming blockbuster movie. Asked about her character’s development, she said, “I can say that she’s openly going to be Sharon Carter in the next movie. In the comic books, Cap and her have a love affair we get to sort of explore. I can’t say if we go to that extent of it, but they’re certainly getting to know each other and they know who each other are…”

“There are die-hard fans that want to see him with different people, all the different camps. So hopefully people are happy,” the “Revenge” star also talked about the thought of Bucky taking over the Captain America role if Marvel goes for the comic book plotline.

“Captain America: Civil War” drops on May 6 in theaters.