'Married at First Sight' season 3 spoilers: Couples work on their struggles


“Married at First Sight” season 3 is down to its last five episodes, as the three couples from Atlanta try to weigh in if they want to continue being married to the person that they were matched with at the start of the show.

Back in episode 8, titled “Breaking the Barriers,” the couples seem to still be struggling with expectations, communication, and being intimate with each other.

Tres Russell is having difficulty with Vanessa Nelson’s “closed” attitude, but later on found out that the latter has trust issues given her past experience with her father. At the end of the episode, the couple seem to have a better understanding and appreciation of each other.

On the other hand, David Norton is still trying to win the affection of his wife Ashley Doherty. Later on, Doherty told Dr. Joseph Cilona, the psychologist of the show, that she is still not physically attracted to her husband and is not his type when she was still dating. When Norton leaned about this, he was slightly hurt, but Dr. Cilona advised the couple to focus working on other aspects of their marriage first.

Meanwhile, Neil Bowlus and Sam Role started off on a more tensed environment as Bowlus struggles in their new temporary home. As they went on the conversation, Role is not pleased with her husband’s joke and asked him to leave. Dr. Cilona told the couple that they have different communication methods and have to meet halfway to be on same ground. Surprisingly, the couple ended at a happier note when Role was delighted with the dinner surprise that Bowlus had prepared for her.

In the upcoming episode, titled “Making Memories” the couples continue to work on their relationship in different approaches. In a synopsis by TV Guide, it revealed, “The couples get spiritual counsel to increase joy in their relationships. Also: Samantha and Neil work on communication; David tries to accept that Ashley is not physically attracted to him; and Tres and Vanessa talk about having a family.”

Episode 9 of “Married at First Sight” season 3 will air on Jan. 26 on FYI.